Founded since the 1990s, Hock Hai Civil Engineering & Building Pte Ltd rapidly rose to eminence in Singapore’s civil engineering industry specialising in deep shaft construction, trenchless construction, micro tunneling and a variety of pipe jacking methods.


From constructing sewer networks in reclaimed areas, narrow streets, expressways/ MRT lines to built-up urban/ residential areas through varying types of soil conditions and numerous environmental restrictions, we have acquired extensive experiences in works involving trenchless technology.

Micro tunneling, box culvert and pipe jacking are just some of the techniques which have been used in underground engineering activities. Armed with the latest technology and decades of experience, Hock Hai Civil Engineering & Building Pte Ltd is committed to making customer satisfaction our priority through the deliverance of innovation solutions, quality work, high safety standards and timely completion of every project. Further to that, we have multiple teams of experienced, responsive and tenacious personnel to manage every client’s needs as well as to provide curated solutions which optimizes all-round performance such as planning, design and execution. Even with the demands of an ever changing marketplace, we remain dedicated to provide comprehensive and efficient solutions for every project through constant upgrade to the latest technology on top of developing innovative methods to deal with difficult site conditions and/or constraints.

With ongoing procurement of the latest equipment for both back-end and field operations e.g. importing the latest machines and technology primarily from Japan, we have proudly established a firm foothold in the industry specializing in the following :


The execution of a variety of pipe jacking methods for pipe diameters up to 2,400mm;

Performing deep shaft excavation up to 30m depth with a variety of temporary earth retaining structures;

Tunneling in complex geological condition and;

Constructing complex manhole shaft system


Our registered licenses

Construction Workhead Registration

CW02 – Civil Engineering – Grade B1

Licensed Builder Registration

GB1 – General Builder Class 1

Specialist Builder Registration

SB(GS) – Specialist Builder (Ground Support and Stabilization Works)